How do you Freeze a Banana

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3 Ways to Freeze Bananas.

Freezing Bananas is Easy!

Maybe being in lockdown has meant It’s been difficult to plan ahead in terms of food shopping and it is costly throwing away uneaten fruit and vegetables but worry not, most fresh foods can be frozen and bananas are no exception. In fact, they are one of the easiest fruits to freeze and store for all sorts of amazing recipes.

Just follow the 3 tips below for your leftover bananas and you will never waste a banana again and will always have bananas ready to hand for your recipe creations and the best part is that freezing a banana doesn’t even reduce its nutritional value.

1. Freezing Bananas Whole

This is the simplest way to freeze a banana whole. I’ve frozen bananas in their skins before but they do go slimy and are a pain to peel when needed. If you plan to use your bananas in smoothies or milkshakes then freeing them whole is the simplest method.

  • Just peel your bananas whether they are yellow or brown. (Don’t freeze green ones as they will still be green after freezing and will not ripen.)
  • Making sure there is space between each banana, place them in a freezer food bag or suitable container and label with the date.
  • After 30 minutes to an hour you can re-pack the bananas to optimise storage space.

Freeze Whole Bananas

2. Freezing Banana Slices

If you chop your bananas into slices before freezing it makes them easier to handle when you need them and they will defrost quicker than other methods.

Slicing Bananas

    • Prepare a baking tray with parchment or wax paper.
    • Chop them into 1-2cm thick slices (Any slice size freezes but thicker ones take a bit longer to defrost).
    • place onto the prepared paper so they are not touching (Do this promptly as the bananas turn brown quickly).
    • Place the whole tray in the freezer for 30 minutes to 1 hour, or until the slices become rigid, this keeps them from sticking together as much later.
    • Remove them from the freezer and use a spatula to remove bananas from the baking sheet.
    • Pack the frozen slices into a freezer bag (removing as much air as possible) or suitable container and label with the date.
    • Finally, you can seal and place in the freezer ready to use whenever you want.

    Slice Bananas for freezing

    3. Freezing Mashed Bananas

    If you need you bananas mashed for banana bread, cakes or biscuits, then you can prepare them and then freeze mashed which will save time when ready to use and it’s a great way of storing your over-ripened brown bananas.

    • Peel and slice the fruit and use a food processor to mash it into a smooth consistency.
    • Put the pureed bananas into a suitable container. I use freezer food bags. Try to remove excess air from the bags, flatten them a little and store in the freezer. Flattening makes it easier to use when needed

    How to Defrost Frozen Bananas

    • If you are going to blend the bananas they can be added directly from the freezer bag.
    • If you are baking then take as much as you want to use out of the freezer bag and place in a bowl or on a plate in the refrigerator for a few hours until they thaw.
    • Once defrosted, treat the banana as fresh and use as soon as possible.
    • Do not refreeze the bananas once they have defrosted.

    How Long to Keep Frozen Bananas

    Unpeeled frozen bananas stay good for just about 2 months but,

    when stored properly as above bananas will last for up to 6 months

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        5 Responses

        1. Lisa


          Thank you! I’ve always frozen bananas in their skins and you’re completely right, they do go slimy so it’s a bit messy to peel them.

          But there is an advantage to that slime, I have found that if you’re using the frozen banana to make banana bread, as long as you can get the juicy slime into the bowl it means you can cut down on the fat that you use in the baking (and the sugar if the banana was yellow on the verge of black when you froze it). It is a trial and error to get the balance right – but at least you can eat the mistakes!

          As I live in the UK, and we have tiny freezers (and they all seem to only have drawers) I can’t get a cookie sheet into the freezer to put sliced bananas on – do you think it would work if I laid the slices out flat in a freezer bag to start with and then put them into a smaller bag?

          Thanks again for the great tips!

          • admin

            Hi Lisa,
            I too suffer with less freezer space and had to get a chest freezer and additional upright freezer in the garage. My family eat mostly vegetarian food, we use a lot of Quorn and Linda McCartney products which are mostly frozen so I’ve become quite the strategist in terms of space saving. I use a baking sheet which fits in one of my freezer drawers perfectly, I leave this drawer empty for all my freezing endeavours. I sometimes take the whole tray out and use the shelf, however; this sometimes leaves a puddle of ice water on the garage floor which I then have to clean up!!

            I do actually enjoy freezing whole bananas and when defrosted, I take a sharp knife and slit all the way from tip to tip then I get a spoon and scoop out the flesh into a bowl. I didn’t include this method on my article as the black slimy bananas look and feel disgusting even when fully frozen and I wasn’t sure that people would be ready for the mess, but now you’ve got me thinking that I could include this method .

            I believe it’s anything goes in terms of freezing and have literally tried all sorts. As long as what you are freezing has the space around it to to get the initial rigidity then it can be grouped together and packed in a smaller space for the deep freeze stage.

            Thanks for your comments Lisa and you’ve given me some great ideas to help people with their freezing needs.

            Have a great day,

        2. James

          Hi! Thanks for your advice! I’ll give it a try when I get the chance but I was wondering if defrosted bananas will be good for eating raw without cooking? Thanks!

          • admin

            Hi James, thanks for the question.

            A defrosted banana will be mushy if eaten raw, they are perfectly safe to eat though. No matter how you freeze them they brown quickly so I wouldn’t use them on cereals or in fruit salads.I generally use mine for banana and walnut cake which the kids love and also for overnight oats.
            Hope this helps.
            Have a great day,

        3. Ali

          What a nice post you wrote Jason! I really enjoyed reading it and could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You for sharing this quality post. Actually I was looking for information about the freezing a banana and when I landed on your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details and it was exactly what I wanted to know.
          I’m happy that you’ve decided to write about this topic and share it with others. It’s very useful post in my opinion and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested to know about this topic.

          I will definitely come back to your site again to read more posts. Keep up quality articles! 🙂


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